Cambridge English Exams

Internationally recognised.

What are the Cambridge English Exams?

Cambridge English exams are recognised by over 20,000 universities, employers and governments around the world. These  English language tests can open doors to higher education, improve employment opportunities, and because they are globally recognised can increase your choices for study or work.

5 Reasons to choose the Cambridge Certificate

  1. Your exam results provide you with an official, international qualification that proves your level of English.
  2. Cambridge Assessment English exams are globally-recognised by over 20,000 universities, governments and employers.
  3. Once you have taken the exam, your result is valid for life.
  4. The exams are administered and led by the prestigious University of Cambridge.
  5. As well as all the benefits of a great reputation, the exams achieve their primary purpose – helping you gain the confidence you need.


At Liverpool English Institute, we offer an 8-week preparation course which provides the learner with all they need to know, getting them fully prepared and mentally equipped for when it comes to taking their exam.

2019 Exam/Course Dates & Fees

We believe that 8 weeks is the right amount of time to prepare. However if more time is needed, this can of course be arranged with our director of studies.

8 Week Course – £1,400

Single week – £175

Please contact us for concession and discounts where available

What, Where & When?


Working from student book (covering all aspects of the exam) and having weekly practice tests on every section of the exam.

Weekly one to one tutorials given at the end of each week.

Working on presentations, given on their first day, delivered to the class at the end of the course.

Working at home via the online portal which students will be given access to once enrolled onto the course.

Weekly visits to iconic parts of the city.

Two time slots are available for those who may prefer to study in the morning / afternoon:

10:00 – 13:00

14:00 – 17:00

Monday – Friday

B2 First
21st January – 15th March 2019
(Exam Friday 15th March)
15th April – 7th June 2019
(Exam Tuesday 11th June )
1st July – 23rd August 2019
(Exam Thursday 22nd August)
7th October – 29th November 2019
(Exam Tuesday 3rd December)


C1 Advanced
7th January – 1st March 2019
(Exam Wednesday 27th February)
15th April – 7th June 2019
(Exam Wednesday 12th June)
1st July – 23rd August 2019
(Exam Friday 23rd August)
7th October – 29th November 2019
(Exam Wednesday 4th December)

C1 Advanced/LEI Testimonials

Robin, why did you take the CAE?

“I took the C1 Advanced for being even more competitive in today’s fast moving and dynamic business world. Companies are asking for that in Switzerland”.

What did you want to do with it and have you achieved that?

“As a product manager, I have to speak English every day. Before the course started I always had bad feelings about making a mistake. Today, I’m confident and I love speaking English. During the preparation course, I achieved a great level of fluency, even with native speakers”.

Do you have any advice or tips during the course?

“The best thing you can do is use every possibility to speak with people from other nationalities or native speakers! What you have to do is speak English all day and maybe all night as well! Having hundreds of conversations is the main aspect when it comes to language learning. I occasionally went out alone and I always met extraordinary and kind people from Liverpool. They might be the friendliest people in the world. Make sure you know the Cambridge exam structure by heart. It‘s essential to have an English teacher who can guide you. At LEI they can guarantee this, they go above and beyond for you! The whatsapp connection you have with the school is great. They allow you to contact them at any point if you have any problems! I found this incredibly useful! The entire course and experience was worth every penny”!



Has the C1 Advanced been useful?

“Without this certificate, I wouldn’t have got the job I have now. They required this level of English and I was quite paranoid about not being able to achieve this level. I always felt that my speaking skills were good enough. However, being a requirement I had no choice but to take the exam. Having done the course, the level of my English increased a lot, and it showed me there was much more to learn. I want to thank Benjamin so much, not only is he a great director, but a fantastic teacher! I will be forever grateful to him”.

Important Information

Student book – £25 ( not included in course price)

Registration fee – £30 ( not included in course price)

An entry test will need to be taken, written and spoken, prior to enrolment (FREE) in order to distinguish whether the individual is at an appropriate level to take the specified preparation course. If not at the required level, students will still be able to enrol onto the course, but after having taken a general English course. (An entry test will then need to be taken once again to prove the individual is now at the REQUIRED level).



Do students have to book the exam in order to enrol onto the course?

Students DO NOT have to book the exam in order to take the preparation course. However, if students do decide that they want to take the exam after their course, they can do so through LEI who will help them through the booking process. The exam can be taken in Liverpool, in a certified examination centre.

How much is the exam?


The exam price is £120. We advise students to book the exam well in advance.

When booking the preparation course and interested in taking the exam, it is advised that the exam is also booked as well as the course. Students can email the institute’s director if interested in booking the exam:

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