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Liverpool English Institute

The Liverpool English Institute (LEI) was founded by professional English language teacher, Benjamin Learman, with a simple vision: open a language school providing everything a typical language learner looks for. Benjamin has had extensive experience teaching English in South East Asia, South America, Europe and of course….Liverpool! Liverpool English Institute provides efficient teaching, a relaxing and fun learning environment, an enjoyable and engaging social programme and of course, great value for money. 

A Family

Benjamin, our founder,  states, “Our students are not made to feel like they are customers, they are made to feel like part of the LEI family. We provide the best English courses, delivered to students of all levels while providing the experience of a lifetime. The LEI team have a specific and unique way of delivering this, it’s called THE LEI WAY. So, come and learn English THE LEI WAY.”


Our mission is making people feel comfortable when speaking English. Not feeling afraid of changes in modern society in the business and social sense where English has become an integral part of life. We want our students to learn English THE LEI WAY!


Our vision is to become the number one and most efficient language school in the country and making everyone aware that the LEI way is the only way to learn English.


Class numbers are kept to an appropriate size by restricting the numbers in classes so as we can ensure a personal service at all times.

Creating a multi-national and multi-cultural environment within our classes

Providing students with support inside and outside of the classroom – providing a quality service which is deemed as an integral part of what is done at LEI.

Giving students the right guidance in order to continue their English language development after leaving LEI.

Providing a fantastic social programme, giving our learners the chance to activate their English, connecting with people from all over the world and making friends for life.

Appreciating every students’ needs – understanding that all learners are different and have individual wants and needs.

Providing the experience of a lifetime whilst being great value for money.

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